As  Spiritual Beings on an Experimental Journey, we fully embrace this ride & overstand that each journey is unique and may require a place of de-stress and re-connection.


Located walking distance from the CHUM – Mega Hospital in Montreal, Canada, our private clinic offers you a variety of professional services to help you ease off the stresses and anxieties of your daily life.


Invigorating Massages, BioMagnetic Grounding, Stone Cryotherapy, BioMovement, Meditation, Crystal Sessions & of course Alchemy via our Organic Nano Products, are a variety of services offered to help you take your health back.




President, CEO & founder of Alchemy4Humanity, BioMagnetic Grounding & Ozen Nano products.


A certified and registered Massothérapeutes agrée MD., Christopher has been working in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years.


For 2 decades, he has been utilizing his powerful & gifted Alchemical abilities and has made it his life's mission to ease mankind's discomfort.



"I’m doing the best I’ve been in 3 years! Honestly, he is changing my life. Every time after I leave Christopher I feel like a different person. He knows where I'm having pain physically and emotionally without me having to tell him. That is how I know his treatments work. If you have bad anxiety, I definitely recommend him." 

-Callie Friedman



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Co-founder & virtual assistant of Alchemy4Humanity


Shiva is creative director of Crystal AlchemyStudio and is certified in therapeutic counseling and Lithotherapy. Registered as a  500 RYT, she has also studied with Dr. Madan Bali.


Four times a year, registration for  Crystal Healing Certification Level 1 is open.



"Thank you, Shiva, for my first crystal therapy experience. I'm somewhat of a skeptic but I have to admit your treatment was not quite what I had expected. I found your treatment helped me to connect with my inner self in a beautiful way. You have a great gift and your character put me at ease. Thank you for your kindness and the beautiful experience. Blessings." 

-Luana Vacc



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Together, we offer regular meditations, retreats, workshops, and private consultations, specializing in offering you first-class treatments.


Start your journey with us today.



Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy & Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine,  rather it is meant to complement and enhance it. All information on this site is holistic & metaphysical in nature and is not in any way medical. Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy & Crystal Sessions should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic care approach. Consult with your doctor before starting any new treatments.

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