As  Spiritual Beings on an Experimental Journey, we fully embrace this ride & overstand that each journey is unique and may require a place to de-stress and re-connect.


Located walking distance from the CHUM – Mega Hospital in Montreal, Canada, our private practice offers you a variety of unique services to help you ease the stresses and anxieties of daily life.


Invigorating Massages, BioMagnetic Grounding, Stone Cryotherapy, Meditation & of course Alchemy via our Organic Nano Products, are a variety of services offered to help you take your health back.

A4H offers meditations, retreats, workshops, and private consultations, specializing in offering you first-class treatments.


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President, CEO & founder of Alchemy4Humanity, BioMagnetic Grounding & Ozen Nano products.


A certified and registered Massothérapeutes agrée MD., Christopher has been working in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years.


For 2 decades, he has been utilizing his powerful & gifted Alchemical abilities and has made it his life's mission to ease mankind's discomfort.



"I’m doing the best I’ve been in 3 years! Honestly, he is changing my life. Every time after I leave Christopher I feel like a different person. He knows where I'm having pain physically and emotionally without me having to tell him. That is how I know his treatments work. If you have bad anxiety, I definitely recommend him." 

-Callie Friedman



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Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy is not meant to replace conventional medicine,  rather it is meant to complement and enhance it. All information on this site is holistic & metaphysical in nature and is not in any way medical. Therapeutic Massage, Energy Therapy should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is part of a holistic care approach. Consult with your doctor before starting any new treatments.

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